YouTuber harasses, Mehdi Kazmi’s sister

Dua Zahra case turning diffcult day by day. Evey you tuber or so called reporter easily approach to the Zaheer family and make stupid question .They just try to make fool to people and show that Zaheer and his family totally innocent and Dua zahra willing live with him.

You Tuber harassment the Mahdi Kazemi’s sister :


Gibran Nasser says YouTube “refused to leave and harassed the woman for a full 15 minutes”.
YouTuber constantly asks Mehdi Kazemi’s sister to open the door, insisting on a video interview.
The lawyer describes YouTube as the “irresponsible party” in this case.

Jubran Nasir, Mehdi Kazemi’s lawyer, alleged on Friday that a YouTuber had harassed the ex’s family by constantly asking Kazemi’s younger sister to appear in an interview.

Expressing his anger, Nasser said the You Tuber presented himself as Faisal and “refused to leave and harassed the woman for a full 15 minutes”, even after she told him her father was not at home.

Kazemi’s lawyer wrote on Twitter: “Panic about the harassment of Mehdi Kazemi’s family today. A You Tuber who introduced himself as Faisal visited Mehdi Kazemi’s home who was not at home today.”


“The sister informed him that Mehdi SB was not available and that he could speak to lawyers if he had any questions,” he said, adding that he did not give up and constantly insisting on a video interview with him opening the door. asked for.

He wrote: “YouTube appears to have little regard for its community guidelines to ensure the welfare of child victims of heinous criminal crimes.”

Dua Zahra appeared in court:

Dua Zahra appeared in court on Wednesday after she was transferred from Lahore to Karachi. Than Police officers represented her before an investigative judge in a city court.

During the hearing, the court stated that Dua’s filing order today was to ensure that the environment was appropriate and that it should not be served until other court orders.

The judicial judge directed the public prosecutor to submit a prayer only when the court ordered it.



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