Why Dream Brock Lesnar’s opponent at WrestleMania isn’t Bobby Lashley

WrestleMania fight rumored, second-generation star: 5 possible opponents for WWE’s Brock Lesnar in 2023. It’s easy to think that Brock Lesnar’s role at WrestleMania 39 next year is one of the more obvious parts of the event.

He’s up against Bobby Lashley in a dream match, right?

Not so fast, friends. Another Lashley-Lesnar matchup would be great. But it would be another fight between the two former MMA fighters and professional wrestling heavyweights. A fun one, but a rehash and something that pales in comparison to another likely idea.

Lesnar against Gunther.

That alone should earn you an eyebrow raise, if nothing else. Using Lesnar as a way to support one of the best up-and-coming pro wrestlers in the sport at Mania is something the new Triple H-led creative would seem to do. Instead of pushing him into a “show” match against a veteran like Lashley , at least.

And how quickly Gunther rises in the new WWE. He has been a giant of a force since the NXT days and already has the Intercontinental strap around his waist.

But Gunther hasn’t had a marquee match, instead training in the tag ranks or taking on mid-card solo challengers like Sheamus and Shinsuke Nakamura.

That changes quickly if he gets in the ring with Lesnar. Gunther, slightly taller than Lesnar and quite intimidating, would have the opportunity to put together an exciting match that’s downright funny when two big workhorses engage in a bit of violence. It wouldn’t be totally different than another Lesnar vs. Lashley, except he’s putting up a potential main event star for the next decade or more.

This is the type of use that Lesnar should see at this point as well. He’s out of the unified title scene with Roman Reigns for various reasons and doesn’t have much else to do. WWE no longer needs the show factor. It brings in non-wrestling viewers, but the company has that momentum with the likes of Bad Bunny and Logan Paul.

What might need the boost is something else on the way to Mania, like Royal Rumble. That’s the perfect place for Lesnar to get back into the mix with an appearance on Raw to set the stage. Lashley benefits from getting a big featured match there as well, then maybe he can find a new long-term fight or find a way to challenge for another midcard title later.

It’s hard not to love this kind of idea given Lesnar’s history of putting other superstars above him. Arguably, he is one of the best salesmen of all time. Remember how good AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Daniel Bryan, Finn Balor and others have looked when not necessarily just being used as a featured item in the title scene?

Brock Lesnar is one of the biggest stars in WWE’s storied history. The Beast first made his company debut in 2002. He quickly rose to fame and won multiple world titles, but left World Wrestling Entertainment in 2004.

While away from the company, he took up professional soccer and mixed martial arts, even winning the UFC heavyweight championship in 2010. Surprisingly, he returned to the company in 2012 and has been a huge star ever since. .

The multi-world champion is not someone who fights every week. In fact, he only wrestles a handful of events a year. It’s likely he’ll continue that pattern in 2023. Because Lesnar rarely competes, everything he does is that much more intriguing to fans.

Who could The Beast fight in 2023? Will he continue a rivalry with another top star? Could he fight an NXT superstar many believe to be The Next Big Thing?

Below are five possible opponents for WWE’s Brock Lesnar in 2023.

Sheamus and Lesnar could have a banger
Rumored WrestleMania bout, second-generation star - 5 possible opponents for WWE's Brock Lesnar in 2023
Brock Lesnar Vs Bobby Lashley
Bron Breakker is a top prospect
Bron Breakker
Brock Lesnar is rumored to fight Gunther at WWE WrestleMania 39
He could battle Solo Sikoa, the next generation of the Samoan dynasty
Solo Sikoa

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