thrill movie ‘Top Gun – Maverick’

This movie is full of thrill and base on soldiers life and how to fight in the field of war. 36 years after the original movie hit theaters, Tom Cruise is back as Pete “Maverick” Mitchell in this late (and highly anticipated) sequel to one of the most famous films of the ’80s.

full of thrill and fight:

Three decades after the events of Top Gun, Pete “Maverick” Mitchell (Cruise) still feels the need for speed as a test pilot. But when that program is threatened with closure due to drone technology, it’s clear that the Maverick is part of a moribund breed that the Navy sees as being redundant.

That’s even Mission Impossible you need the maverick to get back to Top Gun and train the best to be even better. When he returns to the academy, he encounters the shadows of his past, as the son of his late co-pilot (Goose) is part of an elite group of pilots who need to be trained.

Despite the original Air Combat Standard setup and soundtrack . the original Top Gun doesn’t stand up very well today. The story isn’t great, Maverick as a character is a frontier that can’t be seen, and the less talk of a drawn-out sex scene the better. So, with a slight sense of trepidation.

It’s rare but there are a few sequels that are better than the original, “Maverick” is solidly in this camp and while it’s not going any new ground, what it does, it works very well. The pace is relentless from start to finish, the characters are engaged and the performances are compelling. There is a real heartfelt feeling in the movie and you get the impression from the cast that everyone wanted to be here and make something special

Mention should be made of the touching return of unfortunately sick man Val Kilmer, who returns here as “The Iceman” despite a long battle with throat cancer. But the writers handle this well, and his on-screen reunion with Cruise is one of the film’s most exciting moments.

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