Thor: Love and Thunder amazing sci fic movie

I just love to give review this sci fic amazing Hollywood movie. after a long time waiting this movie release. And I love this story.

Thor: Love and Thunder amazing sci fic movie

Thor plays the unmistakable Chris Hemsworth. one of the most cherished characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and my personal favorite. It was a huge relief when she was “reborn” under Taika Waited in Thor Ragnarok. Could this continue into his fourth (Thorth?) adventure . he’s now the only one of the Big Three to make it past three solo films.

classic Thor adventures

Love and Thunder directly follows the endgame of Endgame as Thor joins the Guardians of the Galaxy on some “classic Thor adventures”. The movie immediately shows us what made Ragnorok so much fun. we get some tongue in cheek humor .

A killer ’80s soundtrack and all in the first 15 minutes. The main premise of this film is Thor’s desire to let go of his superhero days and focus on rebuilding Asgard along with the comedic relief of Korg (voiced by Taika) . The very dry Valkyrie King, portrayed by Tessa Thompson.

His plans were laid out when Christian Bale made his MCU debut playing Gorr the God Butcherer – bereaved by loss .The quest for revenge he set out to make all gods extinct. His performance in particular showed a really sinister side to his acting that I had at least not seen before. I think this villain is mostly one of the best characters in recent MCU history. you can see and sympathize with his story, similar to that of Thanos.


One of the major twists is that the old flame of Thor Jane is back to be played by Natalie Portman. Not only did she no longer but now she uses Thor’s old hammer Mjolnir. Portman is doing an impressive job, as if she hasn’t left despite not appearing in the MCU since Thor: The Dark World. We see so much depth in her character .

This really drives the movie and really gives him his heart and soul, especially why she’s looking for Asgard. Its introduction also leads to a somewhat unexpected foursome relationship between Jane, Molnir, Thor and his axe, Stormbreaker. This had a very prominent role in this movie, which I found at least somewhat tiring after the first few gags. It ended up being the key to the story but there is so much more to the hammer that I feel is relevant.

worth watching movie:

Overall, I really enjoyed this movie, my only intent was that some of the jokes are probably being overused and that there is no new feeling we get when seeing Ragnarok. This is to be expected but what we got instead is a mixture of humor, action and heart. The film’s core themes help solidify it in a way that Ragnarok hasn’t.  This shouldn’t distract from some great individual movies but it does make going to the cinema a lot more effort. Take that out of the equation and we’ll be left with a solid movie worth watching on the big screen.


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