Chicken Shawarma Homemade Recipe

Chicken Shawarma Homemade Recipe in Urdu and English. Get best Chicken Shawarma for Making Amazing and Delicious Food Recipe.

Chicken Shawarma Homemade Recipe Info.


For Pita Bread:
Self Raising Flour: 250 grams
Flour: 125 grams
Yeast: 7 grams
Salt: 7 grams
Milk: 225 ml
Sesame Oil: 60 gramsFor Salad:
Vinegar: 1 full cup
Carrot Julienne: 1 no.
Cucumber Julienne with Skin: 1 no.
Beetroot Julienne: 1/2
Salt: a pinch

For Chicken:
Chicken Breast (Thin SlIced): 150 gram
Oil: 2 tbsp
Garlic: 1 tsp
Crushed Red Chili: 1 tsp
Salt: as per taste

For Hummus:
Chickpeas: 1 cup (bOiled)
Black Pepper: 1/2 tsp
Curd: 250 gram
Salt: a pinch
Tahini Sauce: 2 tbsp

How To Make Chicken Shawarma


How To Make Pita Bread For Shawarma:

Combine self rising flour and maida flour, yeast and salt and mix well.
Add a little milk to the mixture it and mix well again.
Make sure that yeast grains and salt are mixed completely in the mixture.
Now add remaining milk and sesame oil and mix well. Now Knead the mixture.
In order to knead the dough more effectively, put it on countertop, add oil to knead if dough is too sticky as to make it as soft as possible.
Once oil is mixed thoroughly in the dough, sprinkle some flour on the countertop, knead the dough so it becomes bit soft and firm. Leave aside for 10 minutes.
Preheat oven at 180 degree centigrade.
Make medium size balls with the dough you made.
Spread the balls on floured surface of countertop, flatten in desired size round breads using a rolling pin.
Grease baking tray and place the breads.
Place the tray on lower rack of preheated oven.
Bake pita bread for 8–10 minutes.
Watch from the oven glass if the bread has risen.
Once it has risen, pita bread is ready.

How to Make Chicken Shawarma Salad:

First heat vinegar in a pan, add julienne carrot, julienne cucumber and salt.
Once vegetables become tender, remove from the pan place in a bowl aside.
Now add beetroot to the vinegar in pan and cook for a while.
Once it becomes tender, remove from the pan and place in the vegetables bowl.
Chicken shawarma salad is ready.

How to Make Chicken for Shawarma:

Heat oil in pan, add garlic and sauté fry.
Add chicken, salt and red chillies.
Cook till chicken is done.
Chicken is ready to use in shawarma.

How to Make Hummus for Shawarma:

Blend chickpeas, tahini sauce, curd, salt and black pepper in a blender well.
Hummus is ready to use in shawarma.

How to Make Chicken Shawarma:

Cut pita bread from the middle shaping it like a pocket.
Fill in the salad, hummus and chicken.
Chicken shawarma is ready.
Serve hot and enjoy either as snack or as a main course meal.


It is possible that you haven’t yet eaten a chicken shawarma however it is impossible that you never heard about it. In Karachi and Lahore, shawarma is available at all famous food spots. You would see large restaurants and small stalls, installed a cylindrical equipment (shawarma vending machine) and a bunch of people interested to buy and enjoy it. So if you know chicken shawarma recipe like me, you wouldn’t have to wait in the queue. You could be able to enjoy any type of chicken shawarma at home.There are mainly 5 items you need to prepare in order to make a homemade shawarma recipe:

  1. Pita Bread
  2. Shawarma Chicken
  3. Shawarma Salad
  4. Shawarma Hummus
  5. Shawarma itself


Pita Bread:

The wrap for shawarma is actually a piece of pita bread which is a must for making shawarma. We have described complete process of making pita bread in the recipe given above. However if you prefer, you can buy it from a bakery or super mart as well.

Shawarma Chicken:

Now it comes about the chicken. For using chicken in shawarma, we have to cook it with certain spices such as garlic, salt, red chillies. We cook it as described and so far we have prepared chicken and pita bread for making our shawarma.

Shawarma Salad:

There are some selected vegetables we will use in shawarma recipe such as carrot julienne, cucumber julienne and beetroot julienne. We will tenderize all vegetables in vinegar and salt and finally mix them.

Shawarma Hummus:

Now it is the turn of hummus. It is as simple as blending chickpeas, tahini sauce, curd, salt and black pepper. Now all the filling items as well as shawarma wrap is ready. All we need now is to shape it into shawarma.

Making Chicken Shawarma:

Finally, we will cut pieces of pita bread, fold it like a pocket, fill the filling items and wrap with a butter paper.

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