BrandCrowd Online Logo Maker

How do you use Brand Crowd ?

Brand Crowd is an online logo maker that offers abstract logos for the industry of your choice. It includes over 22,000 premium logo designs that get you up and running with a logo very quickly.

The user-friendly interface and its customization allow you to edit the logo and even download a high resolution version (1280 x 1024px). In this way, you can also present your logo on business cards, letterheads, social networks, etc.

You can also include a keyword in the search box to get started with a logo. With tons of templates and custom logos readily available, you can find one and edit it to best meet your brand desires.

Easy process to create a logo

Since Brand Crowd is a web-based application, it does not require any downloads. In fact, all you have to do is enter the brand name. This gives you the initial results based on the words of your brand bane. You can then enter a keyword to find a logo template for your niche (eg photography). Once done, select a template you like and click ‘edit’. You can then customize the logo to your liking and then simply download it. Downloads are also available in JPG, PNG, EPS, SVG, and PDF formats.

Brand Crowd Alternatives

For this online logo maker, there are also others in competition. The first is Graphic Springs logo design software. It allows you to create pretty decent logo concepts. The user interface is extremely simple and easy to use. It offers beautiful design templates ranging from business to photography and more. This online logo maker gives you customization with the possibilities to design reasonable graphics. It offers colorful brushes, font styles, backgrounds, and a good number of shapes for you to build something recognizable.

The other one on my list is Logo Garden. It may not create award-winning logos, but it will try to combine all the elements to create something beautiful and acceptable. There may not be any extras to help elevate your logo design, but it will hold everything up really well. More importantly, it is simple and avoids complex features or tools.

Logo genie is another software that also allows you to create customizable logos with no design knowledge required. The simple interface makes this online logo maker a perfect choice for beginners. It offers more than 1,000 logo templates to start designing your logo that you can then customize. All templates present are crisp and sharp. Of the 18 template categories, you can sort and filter your chosen one by font type and whether you want an icon or shape-based logo. A combination of both will add flair to your design.


Brand crowd is basically a logo creation tool. The idea is that they have different logo symbols, templates and a kind of pre-existing generic design that you can tweak. You can search for logo designs on their interface or even browse and choose something there. With the availability of tools, you can resize shapes, add elements and designs to it to help you create a unique logo for your project.

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