Southwest Airlines criticized by passengers, Transportation Department as flights delayed nationwide

Southwest Airlines new time and updates

Southwest Airlines canceled nearly 3,000 flights on Monday. Southwest Airlines customers stranded at Logan Airport as the airline cancels dozens of flights. Thousands of Southwest Airlines flights were delayed or canceled nationwide on Monday, leading to growing criticism of the airline from disgruntled passengers and the federal government. The airline canceled 2,886 flights on Monday, … Read more

Chicken Shawarma Homemade Recipe

Chicken Shawarma Homemade Recipe

Chicken Shawarma Homemade Recipe in Urdu and English. Get best Chicken Shawarma for Making Amazing and Delicious Food Recipe. Chicken Shawarma Homemade Recipe Info. Ingredients For Pita Bread: Self Raising Flour: 250 grams Flour: 125 grams Yeast: 7 grams Salt: 7 grams Milk: 225 ml Sesame Oil: 60 gramsFor Salad: Vinegar: 1 full cup Carrot Julienne: 1 no. … Read more

Pizza Without Oven Recipe Homemade

Pizza Without Oven Homemade Recipe

Pizza Without Oven Recipe Homemade Amazing And Delicious .Pizza Without Recipe Making very Easy. Pizza Without Oven Recipe Homemade Ingredients Dough Ingredients: 2-1/2 cup flour 2 tsp Yeast 2 pinch Sugar 1/2 tsp Salt 1-2 tbsp. olive or cooking Oil For Pizza Paste: 1-2 tbsp Oil 1 clove Garlic, chopped 1 onion, slIced 500 gm Tomatoes, chopped 2 pinch oregano 2 … Read more

Special Masala Mutton Karahi Recipe

Special Masala Mutton Karahi

Special Masala Mutton Karahi Recipe in Urdu and Hindi. Get best Mutton Karahi recipes for making amazing and delicious food recipes. Masala Mutton Karahi Recipe Ingredients Mutton – 500 grams (small pieces) G/Garlic Paste – 2 tbsp. Cooking Oil – ½ cup Special masala – 1 tbsp. Dry Fenugreek leaves – ½ tsp Yogurt – 250 grams Ginger – 1 inch … Read more

KFC Fried Chicken Recipe In Urdu

KFC Fried Chicken Recipe In Urdu Hindi English

KFC Fried Chicken Ingredients: Just hearing the name of KFC fried chicken makes me want to eat it. But children have daily demands for food which is definitely difficult to fulfill. Every week you also learn the recipe to make it at home so that you can prepare delicious KFC Fried Chicken at home. Before … Read more

Chicken Pulao Recipe In Urdu Hindi and English

Chicken Pulao Recipie in hindi english and urdu

چکن پلاؤ اجزاء پلاؤ ایک ایسی ڈش ہے جو سب کو ہی پسند ہوتی ہے چاہے پھر وہ گوشت کا ہو یا مرغی کا کھانے میں اچھا ہی لگتا ہے، اکثر خواتین کو جب کچھ جلدی بنانا ہوتا ہے تو وہ پلاؤ بنا لیتی ہیں۔ لیکن پلاؤ بنانے کیلیئے حساب کتاب بہت ضروری ہے ورنہ … Read more